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Mortality Products

Full Mortality for All Breeds of Horses

Full Mortality - General mortality coverage will reimburse the insured for the death, humane destruction or theft of the covered horse. Some breeds of horses are eligible for additional protection such as veterinary services, surgical coverage, wobbler and permanent disability


Additional Coverage Endorsements

The Colic Surgery Endorsement or the Emergency Surgical Endorsement may be purchased in addition to the Full Mortality Policy if the company's requirements are met.


Special Accident for All Breeds of Horses

Pays death benefits caused by or made necessary by an accident, an external and visible cause. It excludes death resulting from illness or disease; therefore, no Veterinarian Certificate is required, only the completed Owner Application and company approval.


Specified Peril for All Breeds of Horses

Insures against specific causes of loss, including fire & lightning, earthquake, windstorm, and transportation. A completed Owner Application is required and company approval.

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